At Agmine we are singularly focused on creating value for your enterprise.  When you succeed we succeed.  We bring broad and deep expertise in animal and feed production to solve your most pressing business needs.  We believe that trust and integrity are the foundation of a successful partnership.


Agmine™ takes a data driven approach to sustainable animal protein production through all stages of animal life. With our customers, we create predictable value by tailoring a framework of actionable solutions with data collected from production systems.


In imagining what we can do for you, it helps to share a diverse range of services we've performed for other clients. Below is a brief list of previous client engagements.

  • With Dura-Pellet™ and Feedlitix™ together we simultaneously increased throughput and improved pellet quality at numerous feed mills and across multiple feed types:  swine, poultry, beef, concentrates, cubes, dairy, horse, rabbit, and deer.

  • Demonstrated that Dura-Pellet™ pellets produce fewer fines all the way to the last feeder pan in a commercial turkey trial.  Feed conversion improved from 2.56 to 2.50 on 40.5 lb. toms, which could be due to higher nutritional value and less wasted feed with Dura-Pellet™, indicated by 50% fewer fines in the front pans and 30% fewer in the middle and end-of-row pans.  Feed conversion is feed usage over gain, while feed usage is feed consumed plus feed wastage.

  • With a water treatment application of Benetain™, we recovered performance from a poorly-performing turkey flock with gastrointestinal challenges during hot weather.  Grower achieved higher body weights at the processing plant, more uniformity and fewer downgrades leading to more than +$0.01 per pound bonus.

  • Upgraded a feed mill’s steam-generating capacity to provide optimal conditioning for pelleting with Dura-Pellet™ and steam flaking.

  • Integrated major Adifo BestMix feed formulation and quality control software project for a large animal premix company.

  • Developed techniques to estimate the economic value of feed ingredients in major animal feed markets (poultry, swine and ruminants).

  • Developed and applied proprietary algorithms to maximize profitability of animal producers (poultry, swine and ruminants).

  • Analyzed animal performance data and recommended management changes worth > $0.01/lb of meat in extra profit. Considered factors such as stocking density, genetics, nutrition, and processing plant targets for cut-up parts.

  • Trial design and statistical analysis of multivariate animal health and nutrition studies.

Our list above is just scratching the surface of our capabilities. A more robust list of engagements can be seen here.