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Benetain™ uses a unique combination of highly bio-available betaine and butyric acid as part of an optimal animal management plan. It can be run at a low-dose rate throughout a growth cycle or at high-dose rates at times of increased need. 

Benetain™ is one of a family of animal nutrition products from Agmine Solutions which provide producers with valuable tools to improve profitability of animal production. Benetain™ is most effective when used in conjunction with the Agmine Targeted Health and Nutrition Program™  based on historical and measured data.


  • Stimulates and retains the integrity of villi involved in the absorption of nutrients in the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Helps to alleviate gastro-intestinal stress due to vaccinations and in transitions such as weaning.
  • Effective in systems where antibiotic growth promoters have been removed, but can be fed in diets with or without antibiotics.
  • In higher doses, effective for managing heat stress and promoting feed intake and growth in hot conditions. 
  • Increased carcass lean deposition and reduced “drip-loss” in packaged meat.


  • For low-dose applications, include at a rate of 1 pound per ton in feed mixes.  Replace 0.5 lbs of DL-Methionine (or the equivalent), 1.5 lbs of choline chloride (or the equivalent choline), and 10 lbs of animal or vegetable fat.
  • For high-dose applications, include up to 3 pounds per ton of feed.
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