Knowing that your animals have feed, knowing the rate of feed consumption, and optimizing their feed budget can all be done with the BinTel™ wireless feed bin monitoring and alerting system. One feed outage can cost you a half a cent per pound.

Technology Overview

  • Ultrasonic sensors specifically designed for feed and grain level monitoring.

  • Completely wireless network - no electrical wiring required.

  • Multiple sensors connect to a single wireless gateway.

  • Gateway can also be used to connect to other types of sensors (water meters, temperature, etc).

  • Web dashboards and alerting customizable by user or location.

  • Data can be pushed to third-party software via API.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Simple to install and maintain. A large site (over 20 bins) can be installed in half a day.

  • Low cost per bin.

  • Provides mills and farm managers with instant access to current bin levels, recent usage trends, and predicted time to next feed order.

  • Alerting can be customized by site or by user to suit unique circumstances (distance from mill, number of bins on site, etc).