Feed mill efficiency is our passion More throughput less wastage


Founded by a team of agriculture industry specialists, scientists and researchers, our team is passionate about delivering value to our customers. The Agmine approach goes far beyond simply selling products.  We take a holistic view of our customers business and processes and focus on adding value with every interaction.  Our technical service professionals have global experience in animal nutrition and feed mill processes and have provided service to many of the largest feed producers in the world.  Our highly experienced team of professionals provides technical support, equipment installation and maintenance, and continuous innovation in order to meet the needs of our customers.

A customizable tool for improved pellet quality and feed manufacturing efficiency

Agmine Dura-Pellet™ is a customizable system of product plus monitoring and control equipment that optimizes pelleted animal feed production efficiency and nutritional value. This is accomplished through a method that modulates starch and moisture balance, improves manufacturing throughput, and reduces feed wastage.

Dura-Pellet™ Benefits


• Higher Digestibility of Energy and Protein

• Less Shrinkage, Wastage

• Reduction of % of fines

• Greater Uniformity


• Mold Inhibitor


  • Greater Throughput / Production Efficiency

• Less Energy Consumption


• Higher PDI

• Lower Pellet Hardness

• Less Maintenance and Wear on Equipment


How Dura-Pellet™ Works

Dura-Pellet™ gets inside the starch granule and facilitates uniform gelatinization “cooking it from the inside” keeping the water in the pellets, uniformly, and unavailable for mold or microbial growth.

Low risk, proven trial process

Through our trial program, you determine the exact value for your plant before committing to invest. Dura-Pellet™ offers significant immediate payback, helping you maximize the earning potential of your mill.

All trials begin with a pre-trial performance assessment where we verify operating conditions and discuss goals and deliverables for the trial. In most cases Dura-Pellet™ performance in a feed mill can be fully evaluated in less than a week. Contact your Agmine representative about arranging a Dura-Pellet™ trial today.