Benezyme™ uses a proprietary combination of highly active enzymes (phytase, xylanase, and bacillus protease) as part of an optimal animal management plan. It can be run at a low-dose rate throughout a growth cycle or at high-dose rate at times of increased feed costs or digestive challenges.

Benezyme™ is one of a family of animal nutrition products from Agmine Solutions which provide producers with valuable tools to improve profitability of animal production. Benezyme™ is most effects when used in conjunction with the Agmine Targeted Health and Nutrition Program™ based on historical and measurable data.


  • Efficacious in mash or pelleted feed for pigs, poultry, cattle and aqua.

  • Effective in systems where antibiotic growth promoters have been removed, but can be fed in diets with or without antibiotics.

  • In higher doses, effective for managing high feed costs, effective for lower-digestibility ingredients, and effective for increasing the digestibility of net calories, protein, and amino acids, calcium and phosphorus, especially during times of digestive challenges.